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What I've been up to?

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Welcome back to West Coast Style! It has been awhile since I've written on this blog, apologies. The last month has been chaotic to say the least, and to celebrate a year of West Coast Style I took some time off to reflect and regroup in terms of what I want to do with the blog moving forward.
So this week I'm going to show you guys a behind the scenes look at what I've been up to and what's next for West Coast Style.
Here's a few snippets:

Moving forward I will be working full time on this blog, November will be the comeback for West Coast Style so stay tuned for more content, from music, trends, lifestyle, entertainment and more.

Until next week, Aileen xo

Celebrating One Year of West Coast Style!

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Last October I had an idea, to write a blog all about the little things that interested me. To have a place to write about college, careers, life in general, music, and more. Exactly one year ago today I took a chance and set up this blog. I haven't looked back ever since. Its been a long year but days like today make every late night post and early edit so worth it.

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I stood on the same  beach and took this photo, a year later. Its amazing how much can change in twelve months, I started this blog with little experience as a writer and now I'm honored to call myself's lifestyle editor, a contributor to Student Independent news and now a communications intern for Cycling Ireland. 

None of these things would have been possible without this blog, without the experience I gained, I would not be where I am now. I would just like to say a massive thank you to the small group of people who actually re…

The college diaries: Freshers

Welcome back to West Coast Style! This week I wanted to launch something a little exciting, the college diaries. If you didn't already know, I'm a third year in college (Yes shockingly enough yours truly made it to third year), but this year I'm away from my second home working as a communications intern, but for those of you who actually read this blog, most of you are still in college or starting college for the first time.

Having been through the system and experienced all of the great and not so great things college has to offer, I can truly say it is an experience like no other. Between living away from home, tackling a new timetable, getting to know your new city, making friends and going out it can be a handful. Honestly it is going to test you and you'll struggle with some things but once you settle in and find a routine and make some friends, its the best time of your life.

With freshers now well and truly in full swing here's some advice from one student…

Behind the scenes : Getting to know Hare Squead

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Welcome back to West Coast Style! This weeks post is a behind the scenes look at an interview I did back in March with one of Ireland's up and coming group's on the music scene, Hare Squead. If you haven't heard of these guys head on over to itunes right now to listen to their EP Supernormal and their latest tracks Flowers and Pure for the best chilled out tunes you'll listen to as summer winds down and college is about to start.
As I've mentioned before very briefly, I am a journalism student in NUIG and I have had some great opportunities on my door step in Galway, writing for my college paper Student Independent News (SIN) last semester really paid off as it allowed me to build my portfolio and make some great contacts. I was lucky enough to land this interview last minute before Hare Squead headlined brooklyn zoo in the famous Four Four venue formerly Halo on Galway's Abbeygate street.
Unfortunately due to a rush to get t…

Leaving Cert Results: Advice 101

Welcome back to West Coast Style! This weeks post is a bit of a trip down memory lane, for those of you out there getting your leaving cert results today, this one is for you. Two years later I can still remember waking up the morning of my results, right after my debs and praying that by some miracle I didn't fail anything. I'm now heading into my third year in NUIG, so for me it really has come full circle since getting my results. The best advice I could give, accept that there is nothing you can do to change those results.

I've been through the wait and the stress and I can tell you now it was all worth it. Its like the old saying, 'What's for you won't pass you', and I'm a firm believer in that. Whether you get in to your course or not, remember it isn't the end of the world. You're young, you have every opportunity to make something of yourself, don't let a few letters on a piece of paper define who you are. College is not the be all …

Beating that Summer Slump

Welcome back to West Coast Style! This weeks post is all about beating that summer slump, we've all been there, somehow its July and all you've done so far this summer is spend all your wages on food and festivals. But what are you meant to spend the other 74 days doing? Aside from working and trying to save money that you'll probably end up spending before freshers week is over. Here at West Coast Style I've got five tips to beating the summer slump.

1.Make the most of what little time you have off:
I can't stress this enough but making the most of that hour or two you have been split shifts makes a difference. For me I try not to take a nap these days and stay awake, whether its getting a coffee with one of your friends or finally getting around to reading that book that's covered in dust on your desk, making time in your day for yourself and sitting back makes a world of difference long term.

2. Exercise:

Nothing is worse than feeling sluggish, bloated and …

DIY: Patchwork denim jacket

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Welcome back to West Coast Style! This week's post is a different one, yours truly has outdone herself with a little DIY creation. This week I'm taking this denim jacket (Pull&Bear) I'll link it at the bottom of this post, and customising it with a few patches I picked up in Bershka and a cool little store called Fund Grube. So here is a step by step on how to turn your plain denim into a custom piece that'll make sure you stand out this summer.

Step 1:  Before you iron anything on first place the patches in their desired position on your jacket/Jeans/Shorts etc. Once you're happy with how it looks you can start prepping.
Step 2:  Ensure the patches are in place and cover with either a cotton cloth or baking paper. What worked best for me was using baking sheets and Ironing on the patches in a circular motion.
Step 3: Turn the fabric inside out and iron where the patch is so its sealed on the inside and out. Make sure to use bak…